Google Cloud now gets database migration service


Google Cloud now gets database migration service

Google has unveiled its database migration service (DMS) for enterprise customers. The service will help enterprise customers migrate MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL server databases to Cloud SQL. 

The company wants to make it easier for customers to manage cloud SQL in a most efficient manner. The addition has been long-due on Google Cloud Platform.

 Amazon has had the database migration service for over five years. Microsoft also has a similar service for Azure. 

In an official post, Google's General Manager and Vice President for Engineering Databases, Andi Gutmans said, "With Database Migration Service, we're delivering a simplified and highly compatible product experience so that, no matter where our customers are starting from, they have an easy, and secure way to migrate their databases to Cloud SQL." 

Google has partnered with Striim to offer the database migration service. The partnership has simplified the process and reduced time and chances of failure.

 The major reason why Google is launching its DMS is to capitalise on the cloud computing demand. 

Cloud SQL is among the fastest-growing services on Google Cloud. The migration tool will help customers eliminate the hassle of provisioning, mangling and monitoring migration specific resources. 

DMS is launched as a preview edition. It supports migration of self-hosted MySQL databases either on-premise or in the cloud. You can also manage databases from other clouds to Cloud SQL.

 Google has added support for PostgreSQL for limited customers in Preview, with SQL server coming soon.

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