Michael Jackson Dangerous 1997 Live imitation show HD

 Michael Jackson Dangerous 1997 Live imitation show HD

Dangerous was recorded between June 1989 and October 1991, with an advance of $18 million.
[5][6][4][7] It was recorded in seven different recording studios, including Ocean Way, Westlake Recording Studios,[8] Record One, and Larrabee Sound Studios in Los Angeles.

 The recording took 28 months to finish, one of the longest album recording periods in Jackson's career. 

For over two years Jackson had exclusive 24-hour access to Record One Studios at an estimated cost of $4,000 per day and secured Larrabee Sound for around nine months at roughly the same price.[4] The high cost of rent was partly due to the privacy Jackson wanted behind the album.

 He wanted to prevent other artists in adjacent studios from hearing the unfinished music.

Jackson had video game consoles set up and posters of Peter Pan and other Disney characters on the studio walls.

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