Top high-paying IT jobs and required skills for 2020

 Top high-paying IT jobs and required skills for 2020

As approaches the end of 2020, the IT market keeps transforming with advanced technology. 

Many job seekers are curious about skills that may need for these types of jobs. We’ve pulled out a few best high paying jobs in 2020 and the skills required to get hired. 

1. Data Scientist 

A data scientist can analyze and interpret complex data to support the organizations perform better with timely decisions. Skills required for Data Science jobs are - In-depth knowledge of machine learning, algorithms, Data models, and Programming skills like Python, R, SAS, and analytical tools, the most important identifying the issues and providing exact solutions. The average salary paid is near $ 141,000 in the market. 

2. Big Data Engineer 

A Big Data Engineer sets goals to design and manages the complete functionalities of large scale developments and Big data applications deployments. Skills needed by Big Data engineers are a clear comprehension of Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, including warehousing technologies. Programming skills, Data visualization, and Communicational skills. The salary for Big data engineer is $140,000 

3. Internet Of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect 

The IoT Solutions Architect is a leading role in managing and overseeing the strategies at the background of development or deployment of IoT solutions. To get hired in this position, one should have impeccable programming skills, a profoundly analytical mind, and understanding the machine learning and knowledge of hardware designing and architect is mandatory for this job. The average salary for this position is $133,000. 

4. Artificial Intelligence( AI) Engineer: 

AI engineer develops and oversees the AI initiatives within the company. It requires in-depth knowledge of mathematics and statistics, programming skills like python R and Torch deep learning, Neutral network, and a keen understanding of AI technologies. The average salary for an AI engineer is $119.000. 

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