IIT Madras researchers propose new assessment practices for engineering students

 IIT Madras researchers propose new assessment practices for engineering students

IIT Madras researchers have conducted a unique study highlighting new kinds of assessment practices for engineering students. Proper assessment and feedback aligned with the subject are important to boost learning in engineering courses.


As the assessment processes are starting to be questioned in India, the change is essential. Two concerned minds from IIT Madras - Dr Satya Sundar Sethy, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences and NP Subheesh, Research Scholar have conducted a joint study on this topic to highlight the kind of assessment and feedback practices that can be used to boost learning. 

Engineering faculty members usually undergo formal teacher training before starting to teach. The lack of formal training suggests that most faculty members learn to teach while on the job. It is difficult for them to develop appropriate assessment tools and techniques for the course that they teach. 

The research by IIT Madras researches divides the method of assessment into two types: 

Formative: allowing students to give feedback through conversation.

Summative: where students are given letter grades and numerical markets only.

The assessment is carried out in two methods: 

Norm-referenced assessment: where perforce is compared to other students of the course.

Criterion references assessment:The performance is judged by the learning outcome of the courses.

The research recommends using formative assessment as it is a continuous assessment where feedback is carried out promptly. The researchers recommend using correct and proper feedback on students performance to assist students in achieving the learning objectives. 

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