Here's why Indian developers are inclined towards Apple's bug bounty program

 Here's why Indian developers are inclined towards Apple's bug bounty program

Bug bounty programs have always been an attraction for programmers across the world. Apple's bug bounty program is gaining popularity among Indian coders.

The iPhone maker has recently released the latest version of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. App developers across the world are complaining about Apple not giving them enough time to submit their apps for review. While this may not be great for end Apple device users, it has created an opportunity for bug bounty hunters. 

The online platforms have seen tremendous growth in Indian researchers reporting their bugs. The platform suggests that over 64,000 new hackers signed up from India between January and July. 

Ahmedabad-based Narendra Bhati is an ethical hacker. Alongside learning about hacking and penetration testing, he spent nights researching security loopholes. In 2016, Bhati was awarded his bug bounty from Russian search engine Yandex. 

He has reported 500 bugs so far for various companies. He started researching apple apps in early June. He reported a bug on August 6. Apple paid $16,000 (nearly 12 lakh) in bug bounty to Bhati on August 6. 

Apple has recently restructured its security bounty program. The company plans to offer rewards of $1 million and more, which has attracted many securer researchers and bug bounty hunters in India. Apple has become security-focused company over the last few years. 

The tech firm has attracted many young ethical hackers and security researchers like Narendra Bhati. Apple pays bug bounty payments for a list of fir issues that existing across products and services. It starts with $25,000 (Rs 18.5 lakh) and goes up to $ 1 million (Rs 7.37 crores) for critical issues. 

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