HCL plans to double up hiring in small towns

 HCL plans to double up hiring in small towns

The IT major, HCL Technologies has announced its hiring plan focusing on increasing the headcount in smaller towns. The company plans to double the headcount in smaller towns over the two-three years of period. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way IT service delivery has traditionally happened over the last few decades. Companies were able to transition to remote working and allowed their employees to work from their hometown. Smaller towns have fared better in tackling the Covid-19 cases and allowing employees. 

HCL is focused on increasing its headcount in smaller towns such as Lucknow, Madurai, and Vijayawada. The company is focused on smaller towns including Lucknow, Madurai, Nagpur and Vijayawada. HCL already has close to 10,000 employees working from these locations. The idea is to hire fresh workers and relocate exiting employees over two-three years period. 

HCL Tech's CEO C Vijayakumar said, "Expansion will be a mix of both – some people will move from prime (locations) to New Vistas, and we will also hire freshers into the workforce." 

The announcement comes amid the Covid-19 pandemic. HCL wants to ensure its potential employees need not relocate to metro cities. The company wants to ensure that its employees feel safer and be close to their families. 90% of HCL's 43 lakh workforce is working from home since March. 

HCL started opening development centres in small towns in 2016. The company has centres called New Vistas in these small towns. These centres are designed to create a more resilient global network. This can help in stabilising operations and control attrition. 

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