Hawaii Will Not Open to Tourists Until at any rate October

 Hawaii Will Not Open to Tourists Until at any rate October 

Strike Hawaiian summer escape off the rundown. Lead representative David Ige reported on Tuesday that the state is pushing back transoceanic travel to the islands until in any event Oct. 1.

beforehend, Hawaii had proposed to open to the travel industry again on Sept. 1 by killing its compulsory 14-day isolate for out-of-state guests in the event that they introduced a negative COVID-19 test at the air terminal. In any case, the ongoing flood in cases prompted the choice to postpone the opening. 

"We can't deny that Hawaii is seeing a flood in the positive COVID-19 cases," Ige said in a public interview. "There are various groups and wide network spread." 

He included that there had been almost 3,000 new cases since Aug. 1, which is more than the state had seen from March to July. Ige likewise communicated his sympathies to the group of a coronavirus casualty whose passing was accounted for on Tuesday. An extra 134 cases were additionally detailed, 124 of which were on Oahu. Since Feb. 28, Hawaii has seen an aggregate of 4,878 positive cases and 41 passings. 

Mindful of the strain the limitation puts on Hawaii's travel industry, he additionally declared that plentiful time will be given to organizations to get ready to invite guests, when it is sheltered to do so once more. 

The declaration expands the 14-day isolate prerequisite set up back in March — which was the first in the nation at that point — confining all guests to two entire weeks without leaving their inn or leased housing. 

Notwithstanding the movement limitation, Oahu is likewise executing stricter measures starting at 12 PM Wednesday. The new rules restrict any indoor or open air social events for the following 28 days and furthermore boycott gatherings of more than five at exhibition halls, cinemas, and at outside exercises, such as sailing. The bars, sea shores, stops, and trails will likewise stay shut. 

While Ige didn't give any solid course of events past taking note of that Oct. 1 would be the soonest date, the travel industry heads disclosed to Hawaii News Now that the resuming could be pushed back again to November or December.

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