The 5 Biggest Russian Insurance Companies

The 5 Biggest Russian Insurance Companies

  Russia  The Russian protection
market is ruled at the top by one-stop guarantors offering a variety of
individual and business protection lines. In 2017, the latest year for which
industry information is accessible, the best five back up plans in Russia
represented 51.6% of all out composed premiums in all market portions. While
the market stays aggressive, industry investigators and Russian protection
experts expect these piece of the pie patterns to proceed at the top.

This rundown presents the greatest organizations in the
market, as positioned by gross composed premiums in 2016.

Rosgosstrakh (RGS) is Russia's biggest insurance agency with
a piece of the overall industry of gross composed premiums of over 15% in 2016.
RGS follows its history back over 90 years to Gosstrakh, the Soviet protection
imposing business model. Today, RGS offers a wide assortment of protection
items, including individual and business property protection, business
obligation protection, restorative protection and extra security.

RGS and its auxiliaries serve in excess of 25 million
customers and 250,000 organizations crosswise over Russia. The organization
checks in excess of 100,000 workers, including around 35,000 staff and 65,000
specialists. RGS is traded on an open market on the Moscow Exchange. It has a
market capitalization of almost $2.44 billion.

2. SogazInsurance Grou

Sogaz Insurance Group was built up in 1993, rapidly
developing into the second-biggest insurance agency in Russia. In 2016, the
partnered organizations in the gathering revealed joined gross composed
premiums prompting a piece of the pie of 12.5%.
Sogaz Insurance Group offers many sorts of protection to
people and business clients. Disaster protection, collision protection, willful
medical coverage, and individual and business property protection are among the
gathering's biggest business fragments. The organization utilizes almost 12,000
individuals. Gazprom, the Russian vitality aggregate holds a sizable stake in
Sogaz. Rossiya Bank, Volga Group and different business substances additionally
hold stakes in the gathering.

3.Ingosstrakh Insurance Company
Ingosstrakh Insurance Company is another full-administration
back up plan with various contributions for people and business clients. It
caught 8.2% of the Russian protection advertise in 2016. Almost 50% of the
organization's premiums emerged from its property protection business.
Individual damage protection and accident protection likewise make up an
enormous part of the business.
Ingosstrakh has around 5,500 representatives working in
eight local workplaces and 83 branch areas crosswise over Russia. The
organization additionally works workplaces in China, India, Ukraine, Kazakhstan
and Azerbaijan. The offers are not openly recorded

4. AlfaStrakhovanieGroup

AlfaStrakhovanie Group achieved in 7.9% of the Russian
market. The organization offers in excess of 100 sorts of protection for
customers and organizations, including property, wellbeing, life and obligation
protection items. It additionally offers customized protection items for
corporate clients with complex protection needs.


Reso-Garantia comes in with 7.5% of gross composed premiums
in 2016. Established in 1991, Reso has relentlessly picked up piece of the pie
throughout the years to harden its situation among the top level of Russian
guarantors. The organization offers in excess of 100 sorts of individual and
business protection. Its essential items incorporate property protection,
accident protection, travel protection and Mortgage protection Reso-Garantia
has in excess of 20,000 workers in many deals workplaces the nation over. It
likewise works in Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia and Kazakhstan. AXA Group, the
French money related administrations mammoth, possesses a huge stake in
Reso-Garantia, the heft of which it obtained in 2007. The rest of the
organization is held by organization authors and the European Bank for
Reconstruction and Development. The offers are not freely recorded.

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