These 5 features are coming in WhatsApp, which you should think about

These 5 features are coming in WhatsApp, which you should think about

There are some features in WhatsApp. Some of these features are being tried and some features are being talked about ceaselessly.

 WhatsApp is the world's most broadly utilized
texting application, however it has the biggest number of users in India. New
features are coming out on WhatsApp and organization improves. Commonly some
features are expelled in the wake of testing. We are informing you concerning
five features that are practically sure to come to WhatsApp.

1.Dark Mode:WhatsApp
has been trying dark mode for quite a while and maybe this is the feature which
individuals have been hanging tight for quite a while. There are numerous
reports about this feature which can be accepted. Be that as it may, some of
these reports have said that Dark Mode will be appropriate in various segments
of WhatsApp. Be that as it may, this significant feature can be discharged

has discharged the feature of fingerprint authentication for iOS users some
time back. Face ID has been accommodated Apple's cell phone which has Face ID.
Be that as it may, there is no news for Android yet. Android users are sitting
tight for it. In any case, it has been expressed in the reports that the
organization is likewise getting ready to give fingerprint authentication to
Android users.

offer feature:
CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to make cross-stage messaging frameworks by
consolidation Insta, Messenger and Whatsapp. It is additionally being taken a
shot at. A feature is going to go under WhatsApp activity. After the landing of
this feature, WhatsApp users will most likely offer their WhatsApp status
straightforwardly on Facebook. It will be actually similar to this, much the
same as on Messenger from Facebook.

There is
additionally a feature of positioning contacts in WhatsApp. Under this feature,
the users who talk more, can stamp them as top picks and put them over the
rundown. It will have numerous advantages. You won't have to discover the
contact over and over. These features will work naturally and will recognize themselves
about whom you are talking more than.

5.QR Code feature:As of late a screen capture of the WhatsApp QR Code has been appeared. It's right now being tried, however soon the organization can offer it to all users as a feature. Under this feature, users can include each other. This will work simply like Facebook Messenger's QR Code works. Users of this QR code can likewise print on their Visiting Card

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