Battlefield 5 will comprise a 4-player co-op style

Battlefield 5 will comprise a 4-player co-op style


Throughout the live stream, in addition to a pre-brief, we saw yesterday, EA showed that Battlefield 5 will incorporate a 4-player co-op mode.


The last time we found a co-op in Battlefield was in Battlefield 3's 2-player effort.  Battlefield 5 co-ops will not be the same. Called'Combined Arms,' it'll fall up to four gamers to bot games with"a vast array of assignments" to achieve.


"You go in behind enemy lines, preferably unnoticed --but I figure, the gameplay, it is Battlefield, it's up to you," said creative director Lars Gustavsson." . . .Will, you've got what it takes to select this last goal you came for? Or do you need to find yourself from choices and you need to extract? The decision is yours but believes quickly, or you could all get wiped and you lose all of it."


It seems somewhat twisted 4 Dead-ish because success means maintaining your squad living and efficiently extracting. There is also a procedural-generation component. Combined Arms will not comprise only 1 pair of assignments that are static.


Instead of a traditional singleplayer campaign, Battlefield 5 may even comprise War Stories, such as Battlefield 1. These stand-alone singleplayer missions will ship you round the world, embodying different characters every time. The initial War Story showed celebrities a Norwegian resistance fighter.

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