6 Awesome Health Benefits Of Cashew Nuts

6 Awesome Health Benefits Of Cashew Nuts


Cashew nuts commonly called Kaju is a delicately flavoured beverage. It's also employed as a popular ingredient in savoury meals globally. It's readily accessible and located in the regional markets throughout the year. The nut is really a conically shaped seed attached to the lower part of a fruit called cashew apple.


Health Benefits of Cashew:

Like most other nuts Cashew nut has a broad collection of health benefits. Here we take a look at a few of the average advantages.


  • 1. Dental care

Scientists have discovered that the compounds within cashew nuts may destroy gram-positive bacteria and anti-inflammatory mouth afflictions which lead to tooth decay. It's also considered that moderate use of cashew nuts may remove the tooth, even though it isn't yet demonstrated.


  • 2. Eye care

Cashew nuts feature small quantities of zeaxanthin a significant antioxidant, which has absorbed to the bronchial macula lutea from the eye. This provides our eyes that the protective UV beam filtering capabilities, preventing age-related macular degeneration in the elderly.


  • 3. Weight reduction:

Cashew nut is an extremely greasy food but with great fat and 75 per cent of this fat is fat. Unsaturated fats supply greater energy into your system, facilitating your body's metabolism. This will help one lose weight, just if consumed in moderation.


  • 4. Brain function

Our mind is based on two different types of fats -- polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats to the creation of its cells. Cashew comprises both fats. Additionally, it enhances oxygen flow to the brain, which assists in improving the memory.


  • 5. Heart health

Cashews are abundant in many monounsaturated fatty acids such as oleic and palmitoleic acid. These fatty acids assist in lessening the damaging low-density lipoprotein while raising the fantastic cholesterol. Monounsaturated fatty acids help in cutting cholesterol levels, preventing coronary artery diseases.


  • 6. Bones

Magnesium contained in cashew nuts promotes healthy bone structure.  In addition, it contains calcium which prevents bone mineral density reduction.

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